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Gunvald the Mad is a gladiator from the Slayer class available in Bloodsports.TV.


Gunvald has a "clear" mind with a single goal; killing. He is a bloodthirsty assassin who quickly gets to his targets, kills them and draws health out of their suffering.


Abi deathmark.png Deathmark Increases all damage dealt to an enemy while making it unable to use abilities or be healed.
Abi bloodlust.png Bloodlust Gain increased attack speed and vamp strike. Vamp strike has a chance to heal based on damage dealt.
Abi true horror.png True Horror Instantly appear behind an enemy, gaining movement speed, deflect chance and an auto crit attack.
Abi vicious waltz.png Vicious Waltz Dash through an enemy, damaging all enemies hit. This ability may be recast up to 2 times.


  • Make sure your allies know to focus on Deathmarked targets. The damage increase is brutal.