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Hardy Klanning is a gladiator from the Bruiser class available in Bloodsports.TV.


Hardy leads the charge into battle, protecting his allies. He can taunt enemies to attack him and withstand massive amounts of damage. This is the frontline.


Abi thunder stomp.png Seismic Stomp Forcefully stomp the ground, damaging, disorienting and knocking nearby enemies up in the air.
Abi testudo.png Warmachine Greatly increased defense and attack speed for a short time.
Abi power charge.png Dauntless Charge Charge forward, damaging enemies and speeding up allies.
Abi mortal strike.png Mortal Strike Deals massive, unavoidable damage to an enemy, with a huge bonus to critically injured targets. Finish it.


  • Hardy's ultimate, Mortal Strike, deals massive damage to injured targets so use it to finish off enemy Champions and Bosses.