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Lil' Erik is a gladiator from the Bruiser class available in Bloodsports.TV.


Lil' Erik is an unstable incarnation of destruction. He has tons of health and once he gets going, he deals massive damage to enemies around him - and himself. When Lil' Erik wants to party, everyone's invited.


Abi upper cutter slam.png Upper Cutter Slam Slams the ground, damaging and taunting enemies in a line.
Abi unstable mutation.png Unstable Mutation Increases health regeneration. When used Lil' Erik suffers damage but gains increased attack and movement.
Abi amok.png Amok Damages and slows nearby enemies while increasing the speed of nearby allies.
Abi big bash.png Meltdown A radioactive outburst that damages, bleeds and taunts nearby enemies to attack Lil' Erik with reduced damage.


  • Lil' Erik's abilities scale with health, so make sure to buy items accordingly.