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Lisbeth is a gladiator from the Medikus class available in Bloodsports.TV.


Lisbeth is a true Medikus and a team player, dedicated to the cause of aiding her allies. She has the tools to heal, buff, and protect her team while fending off enemies.


Abi helping hand.png Helping Hand Heals an ally for a lot of health and grants temporary protections.
Abi overdose.png Overdose Increases the attack and movement speed of Lisbeth and an ally.
Abi missing in action.png Repulse Fires a wave of force that damages and pushes enemies away.
Abi adamantine field.png Adamantine Field Creates a healing force field which protects allies inside from damage and enemy effects.


  • Lisbeth's targeted buff, Overdose, affects both her and her target so always try using it on an ally.