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Super-Duper Nailgun
Itm superduper nailgun.png
Cost 1275
Total Cost 3925
Tech Power +70
Crit Chance +10%
Crit Damage +35%
Passive - Perforating Shot Your first shot on an enemy inflicts Perforated which deals 100% of your Tech Power as damage and causes the enemy to Bleed for 5 seconds. 12 seconds cooldown per target.
Active - Nailstorm Fire a hail of nails in a cone that cause 200% of your Tech Power as damage and inflicts 3 stacks of Bleed to enemies within 2 meters. Beyond 2 meters the damage is reduced to 100% of Tech Power and only inflicts 1 stack of Bleed up to 4 meters. 60 seconds cooldown.

Bleeding enemies lose 1% of their current health each second. Stacks up to 3 times.

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